Monday, June 13, 2016

5 years young

My sweet Grace, you are so precious to me! Today you turn 5 and it's a Friday, just like the day you were born. 

 We celebrated you today with balloons and breakfast in bed! Just what you ordered French toast ( with Texas toast) and sausages. Don't forget the orange juice! Then we did pedicures on the front porch.  You have a love for your Dolly's especially your American girl ( also named Grace with the same birthday :-)) and Bitty Baby ( whom you haven't named). You have become good at changing their clothes, something you used to ask for help with a lot. 

All 5 of us went to the American Girl Bistro for lunch! We got Dad and Max out early! 
It was delicious! Then we went to the new Crayola experience also in the Mall of America. It wasn't busy at all on its opening week. We loved checking it all out! We spent 6 hours wondering the Mall including visits to the Disney store and the Lego store! It was such fun family time celebrating you! You got calls from all 3 sets of grandparents today! 

We got home and packed up out car to head to Merrifield to Nana and Grandpas "grabin" for  Memorial weekend. 

Grace at 5! She graduated from Zion PreK, goes to speech and Occupational therapy, loves to climb and within the last month mastered the monkey bars! You have become outgoing at the park, often saying " I hope I meet a new friend at the park today". You are a lover and a helper. You LOVE babies, not quite sure who you get that from! You are a great gymnast and just qualified to go up to the 'hot shot' level at Twin city Twisters!  You have done karate now for 2 months and you want to try dance so badly! ( we signed you up for a dance camp this summer to try it out!) you will be playing soccer again and mom will be coaching you! You play so well with both your siblings with, of course, the standard sibling tiffs. You will go to Kindergarten this fall at Dayton Elementary. I pray this is the best decision for you. You are sooooo excited! 

We are so excited to watch you bloom even more in this coming year! Love you, Gracie

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